Here, we explain how to create tickets for our Support-Team.

How to create tickets?

Create tickets via E-Mail

Send us an E-Mail to

Your E-Mail is converted into a support ticket. We will answer you via E-Mail. When you reply to one of our E-Mails, your reply will be assigned to the original ticket.

  • You do not need an account for our helpdesk
  • We will communicate with you via E-Mail
  • You cannot check the state of your ticket

Create tickets via the qt helpdesk

  1. Open the qualitype Helpdesk.
  2. Select New Support Ticket.
    • When you are logged in, your E-Mail will automatically be entered as a requster.
    • When you do not have an account, enter your E-Mail address and your full name.
  3. Enter additional information. All fields with a * need to be filles. The Support-Team can make changes to the fields software and priority:
RequesterE-Mail address and name of the ticket creator
SubjectSubject of the problem/question
DescriptionDetailed description of the problem.
You can add files or links. If you are unsure which informationa re needed, read:
SoftwareSelect the software product to which you have questions or have problems with.
If you are unsure, select Others.
  • Low: You have a question to the software. If your question is not answered immediately, you can still continue working.
  • Medium: You have a problem, but you can still work with the software. This can be bug with a work around. 
  • High: Some users cannot work with the software, e.g. a bug in an important function for a department.
  • Urgent: The software cannot be used. YOur company cannot continue working.

When your ticket has been created successfully, you will get an automatic reply E-Mail.