What are log files?

Log files saves the behavior and actions of the computer, e.g. when logging into the software. When errors arise, these will also be saved in the log files. Therefore, we need the log files to analyze the error.

Which log files exist?

Client log:

The client log saves all actions and errors of your computer.

Server log:

The server log saves all actions and errors of the application server and database. The server is used by all users of the software.

Which log files are needed by the qualitype?

Please answer the following question to determine which log files are needed:

Which user gets the error?

  • Error occurs only on my computer -> Client log
  • Error occurs on any computer -> Server log

Where do I find the log files?

  • Client log: 
  1. Start the software.
  2. Select ? > Error log.
  3. Save the error log as a file. 

  • Server log: Contact your IT. They can get you the server log. We only need the server log from the day the error occured.